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Each Quran Hadya = Rs.1,000

Shafiq Press will donate on your behalf.

Donate to the needy areas of Pakistan

Since the 1960s, Shafiq Press has been dedicated to providing access to the Holy Quran, from exporting to Saudi Arabia to distributing to remote areas of Pakistan. However, many Muslims still lack the means to obtain their own copies.

Your Donation Matters: Your support ensures that no one is left without this essential spiritual guide. Your contribution becomes an ongoing blessing – Sadqa e Jaaria.

Act Now, Make a Difference: Join us in spreading the light of the Quran to those in need. Your donation to Shafiq Press directly impacts lives, offering hope, guidance, and an everlasting reward.

Let's make Quranic access a reality for all. Donate today and be a part of something truly meaningful.