Welcome to Shafiq Press

The story of wedding cards in Pakistan is the story of Shafiq Press. Since 1948, we are tying the knots! The pioneers in Designer Wedding Cards are now being run by the third generation and are satisfying the needs of the highly esteemed customers.

Being manufacturing stationers, our line of products includes letter-heads, envelopes, paper bags, visiting cards etc.

Our venture in the printing and publishing of the Holy Quran made us the second largest exporter to Saudi Arabia. Our scripts are duly verified by eminent scholars and Ulemas of Makkah, Madinah, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Current exports have spread worldwide Alhamdu' lillah.

The cards and paper material we make use of cares for our environment as the softwood board-pulp used is biodegradable and comes from sustainable forests.

For every tree cut down at least one more is replanted, thus replenishing the Earth's atmosphere.

Hence Shafiq Press plays its due role in environment care to make this world a better place to live in for all of us.

Our paper wastage is recycled by the local pulp and paper industry.

Since 1948, Shafiq Press has been pioneers in the
wedding card industry, setting new standards in customized
cards, packaging and quality of printing.